Hurst – Free Furniture Shopify Theme


Hurst – Free Furniture Shopify Theme

Hurst – Free Furniture Shopify Theme is a responsive Shopify theme, allowing your shop to display flawlessly on any devices. This clean and modern design fits with the furniture store, sofa-chair-table, interior and exterior design business. The quick installation helps to import demo, theme settings and so on.


Moreover, the free Shopify theme Hurst is built in Sections with powerful Drag & Drop Page Builder. It will help you to uplift your business to another level through outstanding features. The Hurst – Free Furniture Shopify Theme is user-friendly and apparently vivid. This theme is sorted beautifully so that customers can choose their products under their preferences. Each banner is integrated with eye-catching visuals, such as Featured Product, Tab with Product, Discount Banner, Upcoming Banner, Product with Banner, and Breadcrumb Banner.

In addition, it provides Newsletter Popup, Notification Bar, Drop-Down Menu, Slider, Ajax Cart Popup, Wish list, Quick view, Latest Blog, Brand Logo, Disqus Comment, Post Comment and Contact Form.

Get a Professional Shop

Hurst helps to build up a professional shop with an awesome look and also enables Shop Grid View and Shop List View both. With the Hurst Shopify theme, Related Product, Product Review, and Custom Tabs are displayed clearly and differently.

Just with one click, you can view a wonderful free Shopify theme. We have additionally included Mega Menu, Instafeed, Related Products, Unlimited Color Options, and numerous robust features in our pro version. In case, you need our premium theme only click on Download or Add to Cart button, and enjoy the flexibility. You will also be granted with 24/7 full customer support from our expert Shopify.

Main Features of Hurst – Free Furniture Shopify Theme

Easy Theme Customization Options

  • No coding knowledge required
  • All features and functionalities are included in every store
  • Every sections can use more times
  • Very easily sections moved by drag & drop
  • Create website without touching a line of code
  • Full cross-browser compatibility

Header Settings

  • Header Sticky Options (Pro)
  • Header Without Sticky
  • Color Options (Pro)

Footer Settings

  • Footer Above Section
    • Show/hide
    • Show Brand Logo
    • Show Newsletter
  • Footer Column 1
    • Contact Information
  • Footer Column 2-3 (Select Any One)
    • Footer Menu
    • Twitterfeed
      • Twitterfeed Options
  • Footer Column 4 (Select Any One)
    • Instafeed Options (Pro)
      • Instafeed Options
    • Newsletter
  • Footer Bottom
    • Copyright Text
    • Payment Image Show/Hide
    • Alignment Options (Pro)
  • Color Options (Pro)

Section Title

  • Title Show/hide
  • Title Text Transform Options (Pro)
  • Title Alignment Options (Pro)
  • Color Options (Pro)

Slider Settings

  • Slider Full Width
  • Slider Boxed Width
  • Slider Progressbar (show/hide) Options (Pro)
  • Slider Progressbar Color Opacity Options (Pro)
  • Slider Title Font Size Options (Pro)
  • Add Animation Options (Pro)
  • Slider With Banner Options (Pro)
    • Banner Show/hide
    • Banner Position (left/right)
  • Add Unlimited Slide Options (Pro)
  • Color Options (Pro)

Product Options

  • Product type show/hide Options (Pro)
  • Product rating show/hide Options (Pro)

Featured Product Settings

  • Select Style
    • Style One Options (Pro)
    • Style Two
  • Product Column Options (Pro)
  • Product Limit Options (Pro)
  • Color Options (Pro)

Banner Settings

  • Discount Banner
    • Add Unlimited Banner Slide
  • Discount/Upcoming Banner Options (Pro)
    • Banner Column 1
    • Banner Column 2
  • Product With Banner Options (Pro)
  • Color Options (Pro)

Tab With Product Settings (Pro)

  • Select Style
    • Style One
    • Style Two
  • Product Column Options
  • Product Limit Options
  • Color Options

Latest Blog Settings

  • Select Style
    • Style One
    • Style Two Options (Pro)
  • Blog Column Options (Pro)
  • Blog Limit Options (Pro)

Shop Page Settings

  • Select Style
    • Style One Options (Pro)
    • Style Two
  • Product Column Options (Pro)
  • Product Limit Options (Pro)
  • Collection TopBar Options (Pro)
    • Topbar (show/hide)
    • Sorting (show/hide)
  • Collection SideBar Options (Pro)
    • Sidebar (show/hide)
    • Sidebar Position (Left/Right)
    • Searchbar (show/hide)
    • Categories (show/hide)
    • Vendors (show/hide)
    • Types (show/hide)
    • Color (show/hide)
    • Size (show/hide)
    • Tags (show/hide)
    • Brand Image (show/hide)
  • Color Options (Pro)

Single Product Page Settings

  • Product Options
    • Products Rattings (show/hide) Options (Pro)
    • Product Short Description (show/hide) Options (Pro)
    • Product Variants (show/hide)
    • Product Availability (show/hide)
    • Share Button (show/hide) (Style 1 / Style 2) Options (Pro)
  • Product Tab Options (Pro)
    • Tab Section (show/hide)
    • Tab Description (show/hide)
    • Tab Review (show/hide)
    • Tab Comment (show/hide) (Disqus comments / Facebook comments)
    • Tab Information (show/hide)
    • Product Video (short code)
  • Related Product Options (Pro)
    • Show/Hide
    • Style One/Two
    • Product Column Options
    • Product Limit Options
  • Product Sidebar (Show/Hide) Options (Pro)
  • Product Topbar (Show/Hide) Options (Pro)
  • Color Options (Pro)

Blog Page Settings

  • Blog Post
    • Style 1 / Style 2-Options (Pro)
    • Blog Column Options Options (Pro)
    • Blog Limit Options Options (Pro)
  • Sidebar Options (Pro)
    • Position (Left/Right)
    • Searchbar (Show/Hide)
    • Recent Posts (Show/Hide)
    • Tags (Show/Hide)
  • Top Bar (Show/Hide) Options (Pro)
  • Color Options (Pro)

Single Blog Page Settings

  • Blog Post
    • Style 1 / Style 2 Options (Pro)
    • Blog Column Options (Pro)
    • Blog Limit Options (Pro)
  • Share Box (Show/Hide) Options (Pro)
  • Post Comment Form (Show/Hide) Options (Pro)
  • Post Comment (Show/Hide) Options (Pro)
  • Top Bar (Show/Hide) Options (Pro)
  • Sidebar Bar (Show/Hide) Options (Pro)
  • Color Options (Pro)

Abount Page Settings

  • About Image show/hide
  • About Image Column Options (Pro)
  • About Content Column Options (Pro)
  • Team Section (Show/Hide) Options (Pro)
  • Team Column Option (Pro)
  • Add Unlimited Team Member Options (Pro)
  • Color Options (Pro)

Contact Page Settings

  • Contact Information
    • Show/Hide
    • Add Icon
  • Map
    • Show/Hide
    • Add Location
    • Add Addess
  • Contact Form (Show/Hide)
  • Color Options (Pro)

Notification Bar Settings Options (Pro)

  • Top Notification Bar Show/hide
  • Color Options

Preloader Settings Options (Pro)

  • Enable/Disable
  • 20+ style
  • Color Options

Newsletter Popup Settings Options (Pro)

  • Enable/Disable
  • Background Image
  • Color Options

Others Customization

  • Menu
    • Primary Menu
    • Dropdown Menu
    • Mega Menu Options (Pro)
    • Mega menu With Image Options (Pro)
    • Sticky Menu Options (Pro)
    • Mobile Menu
  • Scroll To Top Button
  • Pagination
  • Body Background Options (Pro)
  • Color Options (Pro)

Included Shortcode

  • Product Short Description Options (Pro)
  • Product Full Description

Features List

  • Valid HTML5, CSS3
  • Neat, clean and simple design
  • Creative and Modern Design
  • Unlimited Color Variation
  • Faster drag and drop
  • Fully Responsive
  • Easy To Customize
  • Cross Browser Optimization
  • Google Fonts
  • Font Awesome Icon
  • Well Documented


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