Subas – Free Electronics Shopify Theme


Subas – Free Electronics Shopify Theme

Subas – Free Electronics Shopify Theme can be the best savior of your time and energy. It is a modern and free electronics Shopify theme. Subas is an excellent choice for business owners. Therefore, start selling electronics devices on your longing online store with Subas.

Whether you are a successful business entrepreneur or not, you will always need of web presence. Subas – Free Electronics Shopify Theme lets you customize your store-front. That’s why it’s as easy as drag and drop. So, build your online store in Shopify framework to promote your electronics gadgets. And remember that good branding is always important rather than paid publicity.

Assurance of Quality

However, try the free version before downloading the premium to avoid the fear of treachery. Subas free and premium both Shopify theme has packed with a healthy features list whatsoever. Besides that, Subas – Free Electronics Shopify Theme has lots of specialized options, such as Breadcrumb banner, Shop Grid View, Shop List View, Collection Sorting, Collection Tab, Pagination, Product share, Disqus comment, Product review, Post Share, Post Comment, Post Archive, About Information, Team Member, Contact Information, Contact Map (google map API), Contact Form, Shortcodes, and 15+ Preloader.

All the benefits from Premium

Moreover, get an exciting breakthrough with Subas Shopify theme(Pro), because all exclusive features are available in it. Once you are done with your free trial then go for Subas. This premium theme offers more useful premium features rather than others. Even get the benefit from premium support to create your service site properly.

With Subas – Electronics Shopify Theme, you will get exclusive features like 6+ Home version, 3+ Header Style, 5+ Unique Slider, 3+ Footer Style, Notification Bar, MegaMenu, Images into Mega Menu, Instafeed, Twitterfeed, Facebook Comment, Custom Tab, Related Product, and certainly numerous things. In short, Subas is the theme for you!

Consequently, enjoy our free responsive Shopify theme Subas – Free Electronics Shopify Theme. Explore more features particularly at premium Subas – Electronics Shopify Theme. Just click on PRO-VERSION link and feel the rhythm.

Features list of Subas – Free Electronics Shopify Theme

Easy Theme Customization Options

  • No coding knowledge required
  • All features and functionalities are included in every store
  • Every sections can use more times
  • Very easily sections moved by drag & drop
  • Create website without touching a line of code
  • Full cross-browser compatibility

Section Settings

  • Section Padding
  • Section Margin
  • Section BG color Option (Pro)
  • Section BG skew Option (Pro)

Section Title/Subtitle Settings (Pro)

  • Title uppercase
  • Title capitalize
  • Title Default
  • Title position(left/center/right)
  • Without Title
  • Without SubTitle
  • Color Option

Header Section Settings

  • Header Sticky
  • Header Without Sticky
  • Header Topbar Option (Pro)
  • Header Without Topbar
  • Header Topbar Position Change Option (Pro)
  • Mega Menu (Pro)
  • Mega Menu with image (Pro)
  • Dropdown Menu
  • Header Style 1 (Pro)
  • Header Style 2 (Pro)
  • Header Style 3 (Pro)
  • Color Option

Slider Section Settings (Pro)

  • Slick Slider
  • Nivo Slider (full screen)
  • Animation Slider
  • Animation Slider overlay color/image
  • Animation Text Slider overlay color/image
  • Video slider
  • Video slider hight
  • Video slider text padding
  • Video slider autopaly
  • Video slider play/push/stop options
  • Video slider sound on/off
  • Video slider overlay color/image
  • Color Option

Brand Section Settings (Pro)

  • Image
  • Column Option
  • Title
  • Title Link
  • Without Title
  • Color Option

Upcoming Products Section Settings

  • Column One (Pro)
  • Column Two
  • Coundown (shortcodes)
  • Color Option (Pro)

Latest Blog Settings

  • Style One
  • Style Two (Pro)
  • Blog Column Option (Pro)
  • Blog limit Option (Pro)
  • Color Option (Pro)

Footer Settings

  • Style One
  • Style Two (Pro)
  • Footer logo show/hide
  • Information with social icon (Pro)
  • Add or Socisal icon show/hide Option (Pro)
  • Footer Menu show/hide Option (Pro)
  • Footer contact form (Pro)
  • Instafeed (Pro)
  • twitterfeed (Pro)
  • payment support image (Pro)
  • Color Option (Pro)

Breadcrumb Settings

  • breadcrumb show/hide
  • Set breadcrumb image
  • Set breadcrumb bg color
  • Set breadcrumb overlay color
  • Set breadcrumb title/active title color

Product grid/list view Settings (Pro)

  • product style 1
  • product style 2
  • product review show/hide
  • product vendor show/hide
  • New badge (shortcode)
  • Sale badge (shortcode)
  • Discount Percent badge show/hide
  • Upcomming badge show/hide
  • Wishlist button
  • Add to cart button
  • quickview button
  • Botton Border radius (customizeable)
  • Coundown (shortcodes)
  • Column Option
  • product limit Option
  • Color Option

Shop page Settings (Pro)

  • Left sidebar
  • right sightbar
  • wightout sightbar
  • sightbar search show/hide
  • sightbar category show/hide
  • sightbar vendors show/hide
  • sightbar product type show/hide
  • sightbar color show/hide
  • sightbar size show/hide
  • sightbar tag show/hide
  • sightbar recent product show/hide
  • Column Option
  • Color Option

Single product Settings

  • Product zoom
  • Product image popup
  • Product image thumbnail
  • Product vendor show/hide
  • Product rating show/hide
  • Product short description (shortcode)
  • Product full description (shortcode)
  • Product wishlist show/hide
  • Product availablitty show/hide
  • Product share style one
  • Product share style two (Pro)
  • Product comment dsicus show/hide
  • Product comment facebook show/hide
  • Product review
  • Shiping policy
  • Left sidebar Option (Pro)
  • right sidebar Option (Pro)
  • without sidebar
  • Recent view product (Pro)
  • Color Option (Pro)

Blgo page Settings

  • Tobbar Option (Pro)
  • wightout Tobbar
  • sidebar Option (Pro)
  • wightou sidebar
  • Blog tag show/hide Option (Pro)
  • Receny Post show/hight Option (Pro)
  • Blog style one/two Option (Pro)
  • Set blog limit Option (Pro)
  • Pagination
  • Color Option (Pro)

Article page Settings (Pro)

  • Sidebar Option (Pro)
  • wightout Sidebar
  • share article show/hide Option (Pro)
  • Article tag show/hide
  • post comment
  • post replay
  • post show limit withou pagination
  • Color Option

Contact page Settings

  • Contact information show/hide
  • Contact map set location show/hide
  • Set Map Marker icon
  • Map Marker icon animation enable/disable
  • Contact form show/hide
  • Color Option

About page Settings

  • About information show/hide
  • team member show/hight
  • Team member column Option (Pro)
  • Add unlimite team member
  • Color Option (Pro)

404 page Settings

  • 404 BG image Option

Preloader Settings (Pro)

  • Preloader enable/disable
  • Preloader 20+ style
  • Color Option

Newletter popup Settings (Pro)

  • newsletter popup enable/disable
  • backgroun image Option
  • Color Option

Notification Bar Settings (Pro)

  • Top Notification Bar Show/hide
  • Color Options

Others Customization

  • Menu
    • Primary Menu
    • Dropdown Menu
    • Mega Menu (Pro)
    • Sticky Menu
    • Mobile Menu
  • Scroll To Top Button
  • Pagination
  • Body Background Options (Pro)
  • Color Options (Pro)

Included Shortcode

  • Product Short Description
  • Product Full Description
  • Product Countdown
  • Product New Badge
  • Product Video

Features List

  • Google Analytics
  • Valid HTML5, CSS3
  • Neat, clean and simple design
  • Creative and Modern Design
  • Unlimited Color Variation
  • Faster drag and drop
  • Fully Responsive
  • Easy To Customize
  • Cross Browser Optimization
  • Google Fonts
  • Material Design Icon
  • Well Documented



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