Uniqlo – Minimal eCommerce Shopify Theme

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Uniqlo – Minimalist eCommerce Shopify Theme

Uniqlo – Minimalist Shopify Theme is a fully responsive premium theme with a revolutionary design. If you want a unique Shopify theme with incredible features, Uniqlo will definitely fulfill your desire. It is perfectly tailored for online store builders who eagerly want to sell clothing, high fashion, men & women fashion, jewelry & accessories, tools & devices, and most prominently furniture and home decor.

Moreover, Uniqlo multi-purpose Shopify theme will allow you to host a large supply of products on your online store. It serves One-Click Installation/Quick Installation for you. Just only install it to hand over the responsibility, because it is built with powerful Drag & Drop Page Builder and remarkable Sections.

We Know What’s Best for You!

Firstly, Uniqlo – Minimalist Shopify Theme delivers 7+ Home Version, 6+ Unique Slider, 6 Product Style, and 3+ Unique Footer. Experience the box and width both layout with Wrapped Default and Wrapped Box. 3+ Header will give you the different flavor, like Sticky Header, Transparent Header, and Sidebar Header. With Uniqlo, create an elegant preloading screen effect.

Secondly, Uniqlo – Minimalist Shopify Theme is included with Shopify Mega Menu. Even you can put images into Mega Menu. Create drop-down menu navigation for your collections, products, categories, and pages. In fact, it increases your sales because customers can navigate with ease through the menus and discover the products. As well as, Multiple Currency is equally important. It is convenient for customers to pay in a currency they are comfortable with. Do not miss the opportunity to own such a functional theme like Uniqlo.

Thirdly, Uniqlo has an amazing homepage display, using smooth Scroll FadIn Effect. Tab Product has been applied in this Premium Shopify Theme to manage categories neatly and intuitively. Create the eye-catching styles for showing many products on a single page. You can have a quick access to the relevant category area. We have added Featured Product, Featured Product with Carousel, featured Product with Masonry, Related Product, and Quick View Product. The Load More button will lead your audience to the next variations. It is drastically customizable. There is no need to worry about different collections. Filter your collections with product tags. Let customers browse by Size, Color, and any other option.

Important to realize, customer satisfaction and audience appreciation is a skill which you need and we all must learn it. You will get Multiple Banner with Masonry and Breadcrumb Banner with Uniqlo. Powerful call-to-action banner sliders put your best-selling products in the spotlight, which ensure good conversion rates on your product. In addition, showcase your products beautifully and share on social media from shop section.

Fourthly, Uniqlo’s Shopify Product Review allows you to add a customer review feature to your products and engage your customers with you. It is integrated with Instafeed, which will allow you to easily add your Instagram pictures on your Shopify Store.

Besides this, Uniqlo permits to place most recent Blog Post on your homepage. Pagination will give you the freedom of managing or breaking your content as you wish. Show blog articles from various blogs on your page. You will have Add to Cart & Add Wishlist logo on your products, and Shipping Calculator on your online shop. Whenever customers will click upon add to cart logo, Ajax Cart Drawer will be appeared.

Fifthly, Social networking is very much important for online business. Uniqlo will help you to connect with your audience, visitors, and most potential customers. Post Comment and Disqus Comment are offered to engage your customers. Promote your products, as well as your store as much as possible. It has Newsletter, Newsletter Popup, Google Analytics, Testimonial, and all promotional features whatsoever.

Finally, Uniqlo – Minimalist Shopify Theme still possesses other features, like ShortCodes, Contact Map, Contact Information, and Cross-Browser Optimization. However, more and more interesting things are waiting for you to discover in this premium theme. Click on Live Preview to enjoy now!

Uniqlo – Minimalist Shopify Theme does not trifle your efforts. This minimalist theme is ready with the best support system to curtail or minimize your troubles.

To our beloved customers, try confidently our free version Uniqlo Lite – Free Shopify Theme to get the overall idea.

Main Features:

Easy Theme Customization Options

  • features and functionalities are included in every store
  • Every section can use more times
  • Very easily sections moved by drag & drop
  • Create website without touching a line of code
  • Full cross-browser compatibility

Header Settings

  • Logo Custom Width Options
  • Logo Position- Left/Center
  • Header Sticky/Non-Sticky
  • Header Style- Transparent/Non-Transparent
  • Wrapper Style- Full Width/Box
  • Dropdown Menu
  • Mega Menu
  • Mega Menu With Image
  • Offset Menu/Sidebar Menu
  • Social Media
  • Currency
  • Email Newsletter
  • Instafeed

Footer Settings

  • Footer 3+ Styles
  • Contact Info
  • Newsletter
  • Following Social Media
  • Color Options

Section Title

  • Title
  • Sub-title & Content
  • Title Alignment

Slider Settings

  • 6+ Slider With Unique Style
  • Slider Content Position- Left/Right
  • Add Unlimited Slide

Featured Product Settings

  • Featured Product
  • Featured Product With Carousel/Masonry
  • Product Style- 6 Styles
  • Product Column Options
  • Product Column Options for Tablet Device
  • Product Limit Options
  • View More Button
  • Scroll Fade In Effect Yes/No

Banner Settings

  • Single Banner
  • Multiple Banner/ Multiple Banner With Masonry
  • Banner Column Options
  • Scroll Fade In Effect Yes/No

Tab With Product Settings

  • Tab List Alignment- Left/Right/Center
  • Add Unlimited Tab List
  • Tab List Margin Bottom
  • Product Column Options
  • Product Column for Tablet Device
  • Product Limit Options
  • Product Margin Bottom
  • Product Style- 6 Styles
  • View More Button
  • Scroll Fade In Effect Yes/No

Latest Blog Settings

  • Blog Selection
  • Blog Column Options
  • Blog Limit Options
  • Blog Column for Tablet Device
  • Scroll Fade In Effect Yes/No

Shop Page Settings

  • Product Grid and List View
  • Product Style- 6 Style
  • Product Margin Bottom
  • Product Column Options
  • Product Column for Tablet Device Options
  • Product Limit Options
  • Pagination/Loadmore Options
  • Pagination Options
    • Pagination BG Color
    • Pagination/Loadmore Button Margin Top
  • Load More Button
    • Load More Button Name
    • Button Border Color
  • Collection SideBar
    • Sidebar (show/hide)
    • Sidebar Position (Left/Right)
    • Categories (show/hide)
    • Vendors (show/hide)
    • Types (show/hide)
    • Color (show/hide)
    • Size (show/hide)
    • Tags (show/hide)
  • Collection Sorting
    • Sorting (show/hide)
    • Short By (show/hide)
    • Filter Button (show/hide)
    • Tab Bar (show/hide)
    • Filter Menu Margin Bottom
  • Scroll Fade In Effect Yes/No

Single Product Page Settings

  • Product Options
    • Product Thumbnail
    • Product Short Description
    • Product Variants
    • Product Share
    • Wishlist Button
    • Email Button
    • Share Button
  • Product Tab
    • Tab Section (show/hide)
    • Tab More Info (show/hide)
    • Tab Review (show/hide)
    • Tab Comment (show/hide) (Disqus comments / Facebook comments)
  • Related Product
    • Show/Hide
    • Product Style- 6 Styles
    • Product Column Options
    • Product Column for Tablet Device Options
    • Product Limit Options
    • Scroll Fade In Effect- Yes/No

Blog Page Settings

  • Blog Column Options
  • Blog Post Limit Options
  • Pagination/Loadmore Options
  • Pagination Options
    • Pagination BG Color
    • Pagination/Loadmore Button Margin Top
  • Load More Button
    • Load More Button Name
    • Button Border Color
  • Sidebar (Show/Hide)
    • Position (Left/Right)
    • Search Bar (Show/Hide)
    • Recent Posts (Show/Hide)
    • Archive (Show/Hide)
    • Tags (Show/Hide)
  • Scroll Fade In Effect Yes/No

Single Blog Page Settings

  • Comment Post Limit
  • Sidebar (Show/Hide)
    • Position (Left/Right)
    • Search Bar (Show/Hide)
    • Recent Posts (Show/Hide)
    • Archive (Show/Hide)
    • Tags (Show/Hide)
  • Scroll Fade In Effect Yes/No

Abount Page Settings

  • About Content Section (Show/Hide)
  • About Content
    • Title (Show/Hide)
    • Image (Show/Hide)
    • Text (Show/Hide)
  • Choose Us Section (Show/Hide)
    • Video URL + Background Image (Show/Hide)
    • Title (Show/Hide)
    • Content (Show/Hide)
    • Icon (Show/Hide)
  • Team Section (Show/Hide)
    • Team Section Title (Show/Hide)
    • Team Section Content (Show/Hide)
    • Team Column Option (Show/Hide)
    • Add Unlimited Team Member (Show/Hide)
    • Team Member Profile URL (Show/Hide)
    • Team Member Social URL (Show/Hide)
  • Testimonial Area (Show/Hide)
    • Client Name (Show/Hide)
    • Client Image (Show/Hide)
    • Client Designation (Show/Hide)
    • Client Comment (Show/Hide)
    • Client Image (Show/Hide)

Contact Page Settings

  • Contact Information- Show/Hide
  • Map- Show/Hide
    • Add Location
    • Add Address
    • Map Marker Image
    • Map Marker Animation Enable/Disable Option
  • Contact Form (Show/Hide)

Google Analytics

  • Enable/Disable
  • Tracking ID

Notification Bar Settings

  • Top Notification Bar Show/hide
  • Top Notification Text
  • Color Options
  • Gradient Options
  • Overlay Options
  • Background Image Options
  • Button and it’s Options

Preloader Settings

  • Enable/Disable
  • 20+ style
  • Color Options

Newsletter Popup Settings

  • Enable/Disable
  • Background Image
  • Color Options

Others Customization

  • Menu
    • Primary Menu
    • Dropdown Menu
    • Mega Menu
    • Mega Menu With Image
    • Sticky Menu
    • Mobile Menu
  • Scroll To Top Button
  • Pagination
  • Color Options

Included Shortcode

  • Product Short Description
  • Product Full Description

Features List

    • Valid HTML5, CSS3
    • Neat, clean and simple design
    • Creative and Modern Design
    • Unlimited Color Variation
    • Faster drag and drop
    • Fully Responsive
    • Easy To Customize
    • Cross Browser Optimization
    • Google Fonts
    • Font Awesome Icon
  • Well Documented

Set up your store on Shopify

Change Log:

Date: 23-12-2018=============Version: 3.0.9

1. Countdown product option
3. Product thumb carousel
4. Sidebar custom menu

1. Color swatch option


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