Shopify Theme Installation and Demo Setup

Step 1: How to Upload Shopify Theme on your store

  1. Unzip downloaded folder
  2. Open “Theme File Needs to Upload” folder
  3. Login the Shopify backend and click “Online Store”
  4. Upload the zip file that contains the theme files

Step 2: How to design your store like our demo/preview site

  1. Demo content files are included in the downloadable file (that you have downloaded from our market place)
  2. Go to “Demo Content” folder and open “Presets” folder

  3. Choose any preset file, open it using any text editor (e.g. notepad, notepad++) and copy all the code.
  4. Now go to your online Shopify store backend Click “Online Store”
  5. Click on “Actions” button then click “Edit Code”
  6. Open “settings_data.json” file and paste the copied code here
  7. Now save it and you’re done.


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